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5 Ways to Save with Electric Technology


There's an electric revolution happening all around us. Conventional products are being replaced by smarter, safer and far more efficient electric versions. Here are five ways you can save with electric technology.

  1. Heat and cool efficiently. Heat pump technology can be air-source or geothermal. Either way, heat pumps are quieter, more efficient and require far less maintenance.

  2. Cook smarter. Induction cooktops use magnetic fields to heat your pan and cook your food faster with far less waste. They're also safer and easier to clean than conventional stovetops.

  3. Live like it's the future. Smart home technology can seamlessly integrate with your TVs, lights, thermostat and more to keep you connected and help optimize savings — at times, without you even knowing it.

  4. Make your yard greener. Electric lawnmowers and weed trimmers are growing in popularity. Charging a battery is not only more convenient and less expensive than using a gasoline-fueled option, it smells better too.

  5. Rev up the savings. And speaking of gasoline, did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) are far less expensive to drive than conventional cars with internal combustion engines? Electricity is cheaper per mile than paying at the pump. And, EVs require less maintenance.

Use these five tips to get plugged into smarter, safer and more efficient technology.


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