Eighty Years of Commitment to You

Eighty Years of Commitment to You

Marshal Albright, president/CEO

On the first day in May, we welcomed more than 500 guests into the Holiday Inn in Fargo for the 80th annual meeting of Cass County Electric Cooperative. As usual, the meeting went off without a hitch. The script was well-organized and planned out, the speakers were entertaining and informative, and three of our board members were re-elected to their positions—things generally worked like a well-oiled machine for the 80th time in your co-op’s history.

The meeting got me thinking about the co-op in general. Our meeting theme this year was “committed to serve,” and that’s a theme that has rung true from the cooperative’s very beginning, when farmers banded together to bring electrical service to rural areas. Today, your co-op is in great standing financially and operationally, and from my perspective as president and CEO, it’s no mystery why.

That same commitment to serve that fueled the founding of the co-op in the 1930s still runs at the heart of the business today. Our employees are highly skilled and motivated to provide the best possible service to you, our members, that we can. Many employees have decades of experience—innumerable volumes of knowledge—and when it comes time for them to move on or retire, we devote great care to selecting the best replacement and passing that knowledge along without interruption.

Our goal is always to provide safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to power your lives, and it takes a massive team effort to make that happen. There is equipment to be maintained or repaired, accounts to be managed, money to be handled wisely and effectively, messages to be communicated, data to be protected, systems to be engineered and constructed, and so much more. I’m proud to oversee a team that functions like that well-oiled machine I mentioned earlier, all working for you.

We debuted a video showcasing our employees at work during the annual meeting, and it’s since been posted to our Facebook page. If you have a couple minutes, I encourage you to check it out and see some of the folks committed to your electric service.

It’s not always going to be good news. The power will go out, and there will be obstacles to overcome—that’s just a part of the business and a part of life. But you can rest assured that your co-op is constantly preparing for whatever the future may bring.

Here’s to looking forward to annual meeting 81 and many more to come.

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