Plug Into Safety in May

May is National Electrical Safety Month, when we take extra time to talk about the dangers of electricity and ways to keep safe around it. Electricity is a necessity in modern life, and we use it every day without even thinking about it. But what we need to power the tools, gadgets, and appliances that make our lives easier can be incredibly dangerous if used improperly.

The dangers of electricity are a common topic of communication at CCEC. And while we’re always trying to educate and remind others about staying safe around electricity, we also practice what we preach. Safety is the top priority at Cass County Electric Cooperative (CCEC), and we’ve taken every measure to instill a powerful culture of safety in the workplace.

Through a policy of reporting incidents, injuries, and near misses, employees spread awareness to each other and are reminded to slow down to make safety a priority throughout the work day.

“We’re not out to place blame,” says Manager of Safety Mike Mead about the safety reports. “Instead we share what has happened in the hopes that others will become aware of it and prevent it from happening again.”

As a part of the safety reports, employees are encouraged to speak up about any potentially unsafe scenarios that they witness with the mindset that it’s always better to speak up than ignore an issue that could result in injury. Job-specific safety training is provided regularly, and all employees attend CPR/first aid and defensive driving courses every two years.

An in-house safety committee reviews all incidents and employee concerns and focuses on finding solutions to continually make CCEC a safer place to work by keeping safety at the forefront of employees’ minds. As such, safety documents are branded with the slogan, “Safety first, last and always.”
“Safety is everybody’s job,” says Mead. “It’s a job that never ends, but the safety of our members and employees is always the top priority.”

CCEC lineworkers carry out a mock pole-top rescue situation as part of their annual safety training.