Renewable energy credits sold here!

Renewable energy credits sold here!

Wind turbine in summer
The Infinity wind turbine
near Valley City.

You might have recently received a flyer or some other form of communication from Arcadia Power or other entities offering to sell wind energy certificates in conjunction with the use of electricity at your home or business.

Arcadia Power is one of a few national renewable energy certificate (REC) providers. Arcadia Power is a third-party wind certificate retailer based out of Washington, D.C., and it is not affiliated with Cass County Electric Cooperative.

Since 2002, CCEC has been offering the Infinity Wind Energy Program that allows you to buy locally produced wind energy RECs, also called green tags, for .3 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). It appears to us that Arcadia is offering the same subscription for as high as 1.5 cents per kWh. For a fifth of the cost, you can receive wind credits from CCEC rather than pay an out-of-state third party such as Arcadia.

The Infinity Wind Energy Program was developed to provide the means for members to purchase RECs from local wind farms. The RECs are certified and registered through Midwest Renewable Energy Tracking System, or M-RETS. Once sold, the renewable wind RECs are retired, which means they cannot be used or claimed again.

Minnkota Power, the power supplier for CCEC, was among the early developers of wind energy, constructing the first commercial-scale turbines in the state of North Dakota – two 900-kW wind turbines near Petersburg and Valley City in 2002. From 2007 to 2009 Minnkota added 357 megawatts of wind capacity in eastern North Dakota through long-term Power Purchase Agreements with NextEra Energy Resources. 

The electricity generated for these turbines flows into the Minnkota/Northern Municipal Power Agency transmission system and is delivered, along with other sources of electricity, to your meter through CCEC’s distribution lines.

It is also important for you as a member of CCEC to remember that you already receive a minimum of 10 percent of your monthly electric energy needs from wind energy to meet the North Dakota Renewable Energy Objective. Nevertheless, should you wish to ensure that an even greater portion of your energy needs are derived from wind energy, we can certainly accommodate you.

wind turbines in field
Wind turbines near Ashtabula.