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Electrify your outdoor summer adventures

Summer seems to disappear in the blink of an eye – so make sure you get out and enjoy it while you can! There is no better time than now to do the things you dreamed about all winter long, like biking along the lake shore, camping under the stars, and even taking up hiking as a hobby. All these dreams can be made a bit easier with just a little electricity.

This summer, electrify your outdoor adventures with the help of some essential and versatile electric tools. From electric bikes to portable power stations, get ready to take on the great outdoors with ease.

Electric bike
Summertime bike rides just got supercharged thanks to electric bikes — or e-bikes. E-bikes are equipped with an electric bike motor that can assist you when you are pedaling. You can determine how much assistance you would like and can adjust while you are cruising around town. Some newer e-bike models can even reach speeds up to 28 miles per hour! Imagine how far you can go with an electric-powered bike.

Portable power station
Whether you are hiking along a miles-long trail or streaming a movie under the stars, keep your phone or other small appliance charged. Portable power station systems can safely and quietly power your electrical devices, like your phone or lanterns, so you never miss capturing a single memory. Some portable power station models can even be charged with solar power! You can charge all day while out exploring and come back to a fully charged station.

Electric grill
No summer is complete without a cookout. Electric grills come in all shapes and sizes – from mini camping grills to larger units made to feed a family gathering. Electric grills are easy to use, provide consistent heat and are much cleaner than other options for your next backyard barbeque or trip to the lake.

Battery-powered essentials
Rechargeable electric radios and flashlights are essential when it comes to summer-night campouts. Use the battery-powered radio to jam to tunes all night long or listen to weather forecasts in areas with poor cell reception. And don’t even think of heading to the bathroom at night without your handy-dandy flashlight. These electrified tools are key for staying safe and sound this summer.


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