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Summer fill reminder

In North Dakota, the cost of energy matters. We use significantly more energy per capita than the average U.S. citizen due to cold winters and long-distance travel. While the cost of heating and transportation fuels is high, the price of electricity has remained stable. In areas of our system not served by natural gas, off-peak is the most economical choice.

  • If you pay more than $1.35/gallon for propane, off-peak is a lower-cost option.

  • If you pay more than $1.84/gallon for fuel oil, off-peak is a lower-cost option.

Participating in our voluntary dual heat program protects you from the volatile price of propane, natural gas, and fuel oil. The cost of off-peak electricity has remained low and consistent for over a decade.

The dual-fuel program reduces electric demand during peak times, saving you and the cooperative money. When electric demand and market electricity prices are high, an off-peak device in your home automatically switches from an electric source to a backup source, such as propane or fuel oil. This program provides the best value, even with increased fuel pricing.

If you have not already, schedule your summer fill from your supplier. This is typically the lowest price for the year.


  • Make sure your backup system is working and your fuel tank is full.

  • In the event of no heat, first call CCEC or check our webpage for control status.

  • Contact CCEC for programs and incentives if a heating system needs replacement.

  • Check, clean, or replace air filters if applicable.

Don't hesitate to contact our energy management department at 800-248-3292 or here with questions or to discuss your specific setup.

Learn more about our off-peak program.


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