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Do you love superheroes?! Did you know that you can become an energy saver hero by helping your parents save energy at home! Follow these tips to complete your energy-saving mission today!

1) Take a shower instead of a bath

Taking a bath can use up to 25 gallons of water, that's just for one wash! It takes power and energy to heat the water used in both baths and showers. However, taking a shower uses 3.5 times less water than a bath which means a lot less energy is used to heat the water. Simply taking a shower is a great step to completing your energy-saving mission.

2) Limit your electronic use

When you use your devices less, they don't require as much charging time. That means less electricity is being used to power them back up. Complete mission electric by taking your energy outside to play instead of using your electronics. 

3) Turn everything off when you leave the room

Superheroes say this is the easiest mission to complete. All you need to do is shut things off when you leave the room, this includes TVs, lights, video games, and fans.

4) Keep the window shades open in the winter and closed in the summer

The sun has a strong superpower, heating the house up. To complete this mission, keep the blinds open in the winter to allow the sun to heat your home, and in the summer, keep them closed to stay cool.

5) Plant a tree

This mission requires your parent's permission and calling 8-1-1 before you start digging the hole to plant. Planting a tree can provide your home with shade to keep the indoor temperature cooler.

Saving energy is saving money and can be a fun mission to engage your friends and family. Tactics to save energy come in all shapes and sizes, including steps you can take today at no cost. Visit the button below to find small and big ideas to help you save today.

Together we save