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Mobile app to get started with PrePay!

The PrePay program puts you in control of when you pay for your electricity. Instead of receiving a paper or electronic bill each month, your usage is calculated daily.

This program allows you to pay as you go with your PrePay account. As you use electricity, your credit balance is reduced – much like paying upfront for a full tank of gas before hitting the road. PrePay provides flexibility and enables you to better manage your budget and energy use. And best of all, there is no deposit requirement, no credit check, and no reconnect fees when participating in the PrePay plan.

Benefits & Features

  • Payment flexibility, including the ability to make multiple smaller payments each month

  • No deposit, no credit check

  • Low balance alerts via text, email, and mobile app notifications

  • Online and mobile account management, including the ability to monitor your daily use

  • After downloading the mobile app, you can sign up over the phone by calling 701-356-4400

  • Avoid late payments, shut-off notices, and reconnect fees

You can make PrePay payments at the following locations:

  • Cass County Electric mobile app: Download in the Apple® App Store™ or Google Play™ Store for free.

  • In-person: 4100 32nd Ave S, Fargo, ND

  • Online at Electronic Check, Debit Card, or Credit Card

  • Phone: Electronic Check, Debit Card, or Credit Card

Frequently asked questions

  1. Download the Cass County Electric mobile app
  2. Call 701-356-4400 or send us an email here

It's super easy! You can sign up over the phone by calling 701-356-4400. The member services team is available to assist you Monday - Friday from 7:30 - 4:30 PM.

PrePay works similarly to filling your gas tank. You put the money into your PrePay account, and as you use electricity, the cost of the energy you use will be deducted from your PrePay account balance daily.

A minimum $20 credit balance is suggested to start PrePay.

No. Members with a deposit on their existing account will have the deposit applied to their PrePay account. The deposit will first be used to pay any outstanding balance(s). Any remaining funds will be used as a credit on your PrePay account.

A disconnect meter must be present. If your location doesn't currently have a disconnect meter, one will be installed after you enroll in the program. If a disconnect meter can't be installed, you will not be eligible for PrePay.

Credits are adjusted through daily billing. The billing rates and fees are the same as postpaid residential accounts. Cass County Electric keeps track of your credit and sends notifications when your balance drops below the present threshold that you have set. If your account no longer has a credit balance, your service is disconnected until you make a payment. If your account is disconnected, you must bring the account to a $25 balance to reconnect.

Yes. You can access you account information online 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone by downloading the Cass County Electric mobile app or by visiting

We'll send you notifications by email, text, and the mobile app when your PrePay balance falls below a specified number of days remaining until your account reaches a zero balance. You can also check your balance and days remaining on your account anytime online or on the mobile app.

You'll receive a notification that your service will be turned off (unless you add funds to your account). Once you add funds, your electric service will be reconnected, and you'll receive a notification that your power has been restored.

Your power will be disconnected during the morning hours, Monday through Friday. Cass County Electric Cooperative does not perform disconnections on Saturdays or Sundays.

No. Customers currently participating in Levelized Budget Billing would have to unsubscribe to qualify for PrePay.

Members who participate in PrePay are not eligible for payment arrangements. However, you control when and how much you pay toward your electric service.

Absolutely. Assistance agencies can continue to make electric bill payments for their clients that transition to PrePay.

Absolutely. Assistance agencies can continue to make electric bill payments for their clients that transition to PrePay.

PrePay customers are NOT required to sign a contract to participate in the program. You can switch back to a standard service plan anytime you want. Please be aware that you will be required to pay a deposit and any outstanding balances on the account.