Safety and education are two core principles that electric cooperatives are built upon. With that, it is also important for us to keep our members safe and educated on industry topics that can impact homes and businesses.

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Follow these tips to make sure your student stays safe!
Think again. Click to read more.
GCFIs are a simple way to stay safe around electricity and water.

Summer storm safety

Summer storms might be beautiful to watch, but staying safe during them is still important.
Summer fun can also bring hazards. Follow these tips to keep your summer activities safe.

Let the digging begin!

Spring means outdoor projects; make sure you dial 8-1-1 before you dig!
Electrical safety when using a pressure washer is critical. Click to learn more before using your pr...
These tips will help you teach children how to be safe around electricity and natural gas.

Right tree - Right place

Trees beautify our neighborhoods, but the wrong tree in the wrong place can be a hazard to power lin...
Planting season is beginning soon! Do you know the guidelines to safe planting?

Planting season safety

If you farm, remember to stay safe from electrical hazards this planting season.
Refrigerated or frozen foods may not be safe to eat after a power outage. Use these tips to minimize...
Are you making sure all entry points to your home are secure? Use these tips to outsmart burglars.

Pet safety

Keep your pets safe from electrical hazards with these tips.

Winter storm safety

Severe weather can bring power outages and other emergencies, are you prepared?

Weather class: Blizzards

A blizzard is a big snowstorm, right? Learn what actually defines a blizzard and what you can do to ...
The holidays are a time for lots of cooking and baking. But are you staying safe while doing it?

Holiday lighting safety tips

Holiday lighting accidents can lead to injuries and property damage. Follow these tips to keep your ...

Food safety during an outage

What should you do with your food before, during, and after an outage? Find out here.

Winter Storm Watch

Winter storm watch for November 9 - 11. Click for more information.