Red Zone - these are times when our power supplier Minnkota Power is above their peak capacity and market conditions are very expensive, or when there is a plant or line emergency during a billing or a certification. During the red zone times, commercial generators are run, irrigation sites are directly shut down, and any power left on is subject to the billing demand incremental pricing plan (BDIPP) charge.

Yellow Zone - the condition where Minnkota Power is above their system peak and power purchases are made in lieu of off-peak control. During these times, market conditions are moderate, and any incremental pricing plan (IPP) member with energy consumption during this time are charged at supplemental energy incremental pricing plan (SEIPP) energy rates.

Dual Heat - a dual heat system is one that combines two fuel sources - electricity as a primary and propane, oil, or other fuel as a secondary source. When energy demand and market prices are high, an off-peak device in your home automatically switches you from your electric heat source to a backup source.

Load Control History Summer 2023
Winter load control hours