Electricity 101





Cooperatives are...

Electric power cooperatives, like Cass County Electric, deliver electricity to your home, so you can have lights, cook food, keep your home warm, use electronics, and more!

Electric cooperatives provide electricity to members at cost. This means that any profit they make is reinvested in the co-op or given back to the members (you)!

Energy is...

The ability to work or perform tasks - like walking the dog or picking up a pencil. This type of energy is fueled by the food we eat.

We also use energy...

In our homes and schools to power the lights, heating systems, computers, and electronics. This type of energy is fueled by electricity.

Where does electricity come from?

Electricity comes from many different resources, including coal, wind power, hydropower, solar power, and more. We support the all-of-the-above energy strategy to make sure there is enough energy for everybody to use.





How is electricity brought to your home?

First, electricity is generated from coal, wind, hydro, solar, and more. Second, voltage is increased at the transmission substation, then the electricity travels on transmission power lines to the distribution substation (that's us, Cass County Electric) where the voltage decreases. Electricity is carried to your neighborhood on distribution lines. Transformers on the pole or ground decrease voltage before entering your home. Lastly, when you turn on an appliance or flip a switch, you have POWER.

Graphic of electricity's journey to your home