How to run for the board

The CCEC board of directors is elected for three-year terms and represents nine districts within our 10-county footprint. Each year, three districts are up for election on a rotational basis. There may be an occasion where a director chooses to abdicate early from their position. In those instances, the board elects an interim director, and there could be more than three districts open at a time.

Applicants must be bona fide residents of the director district they are running to represent. Director election petition packets are available by request, generally starting in the fall, and are due back to the cooperative 90 days prior to the annual meeting. All interested parties must return their packets to the cooperative by that time. After the due date, the CCEC credentialing committee (consists of those directors not running for re-election) will review the petitions and information provided by director candidates to ensure that there are no conflicts of interest, criminal history, etc., that would disqualify them from representing the membership.

Recently, absentee ballots have been made available by request to verified members approximately six weeks before the annual meeting. Ballots are returned by the voting member to a 3rd party and reported to the cooperative on a predetermined date before the annual meeting to be added to the totals from the meeting. Candidates are provided the opportunity to address the CCEC membership at the cooperative's annual meeting which is typically held in Fargo, in person, in April. Then the membership in attendance will vote for a director from each open district. The totals will be announced at the meeting.

Information regarding how to run for the board and how to vote are published in our official publication Highline Notes. If you are a CCEC member interested in learning more about becoming a director, contact the CCEC executive assistant at 701-356-4405.

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