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How to Teach Kids About Energy Safety



Keeping children safe should always be a top priority. Children don't always know what can be dangerous, so it's our responsibility as adults to teach them how to be safe around electricity and natural gas.


To keep children safe from electrical hazards, follow these guidelines.

  • Teach kids to never touch a power line or anything that may be touching a power line. This includes tree limbs, kite string or anything else that's in contact with a line. Make sure children never climb trees, build tree houses or fly kites near power lines.
  • Never allow children to play on or around green pad-mounted transformers that may be in their neighborhood.
  • Keep all electrical products out of the reach of children.
  • Use plastic outlet caps when there are young children in the home.
  • Always keep power tools and electric lawn tools away from any sources of outdoor water, including sprinklers and pools.
  • Never bathe children with a plugged-in electrical appliance like a radio or hair dryer nearby.
  • Always unplug small appliances when not in use.

Visit KidsCorner from the Electrical Safety Foundation International for fun tips, cartoon and games about electrical safety.

Natural Gas

These tips will help keep children safe around natural gas.

  • Teach kids to recognize the odor of natural gas.
  • Explain that if they smell that odor in their home, they should get everyone out immediately. They should go to a neighbor's home or another safe location and have the neighbor call 911 and notify the gas company.
  • If they smell a gas leak, they should never use anything in the home that might create spark. This includes using the phone or cell phone, or opening an electric garage door, or starting a vehicle in an attached garage. Just leave.
  • Teach them not to play with gas stove burner knobs. Consider installing child proof knob covers. Use the back burners whenever possible and keep pot handles turned inward.
  • If you have a gas fireplace, keep your fireplace vents or exhaust clean. Install a carbon monoxide alarm. If you have glass doors, teach children to stay away to prevent burns. For babies, install a fence around the perimeter of the fireplace and hearth or put them in a playpen. Always supervise your children when the fireplace is being used.

Following these guidelines will help keep your children safe around these important energy sources.


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