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Power outages caused by damage to underground cables increase in the spring and summer. Call 8-1-1 before you dig. It’s easy, and it’s the law.

Forty-nine percent of Cass County Electric Cooperative’s 5,685 miles of power lines are buried underground. Though these lines are safe from high winds and accidental vehicle damage, they are susceptible to another threat every spring. Once the ground thaws, landscaping and construction projects take off and so do accidental dig-ins to underground power lines. Outdoor projects can cause big problems if you do not plan ahead.

Digging into power lines can cause outages for the whole neighborhood; it also can be extremely dangerous and lifethreatening. It’s not just buried power lines that you have to worry about, either. Water, sewer, gas, and telecommunications equipment are often right underfoot. Luckily, there’s an easy process to keep you safe.

Two days before you work, visit or call 8-1-1. You’ll provide details about the work you’re doing and ND One Call will alert the appropriate utility companies. Once a request is made, the companies have 48 hours to mark the locations of buried equipment. The paint or flags they leave behind will be your guide to safety.

Safety is the number one priority at Cass County Electric Cooperative. Before you pick up the shovel, visit or dial 8-1-1.

On a related note, we remind you to keep a clear space around transformers – 10 feet in front and 3 feet on each side – so workers can access them. Tall, decorative grasses that can bend and restore themselves are okay, but anything else planted within the listed space may be damaged or removed.


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