11. Replace outdoor lighting with its equivalant outdoor-rated LED bulb. LED’s work well in cold weather.

12. Use fixtures with electronic ballasts and T-8, 32-watt fluorescent lamps.

13. Use outdoor security lights with a photocell and/or a motion sensor.

14. Turn off unnecessary lighting.



15. Turn computers and monitors off when not in use.

16. When buying a new computer, consider buying a laptop. It uses less energy than a comparable desktop.

17. Turn large-screen TVs off completely when not in use.

18. Check for energy saving settings on flat-panel TVs like automative brightness control and a power saving sleep mode.

19. Request an ENERGY STAR® set-top box from cable or satellite provider.

20. Turn off stereos and radios when not in use

21. Enable auto power down feature on gaming consoles.

22. If you don’t unplug them, use energy-saving modes or automatic sleep function on electronics.

23. Remember to turn off hair curling irons and hot rollers.

24. Make sure electric blankets are turned off in the morning.

25. Ensure all new appliances, electronics and lights are ENERGY STAR® labeled.

26. Turn off pool pumps and heaters when not needed.

27. Verify livestock water tank heaters are off when not needed.

28. Make sure heat tape is off when not needed.

29. Unplug battery chargers when not needed.



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