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Prairie Sun Community Solar

As the first active community solar project in North Dakota, this program allows members to lease a portion of the solar panels in the array to receive an electric bill credit. This program is an excellent option for renters or people unable to install solar panels on their roofs.

Infinity REC Program

This program allows members to decide how much electricity they purchase is generated by renewable resources. Participating consumers pay an additional cost to purchase renewable energy and specifically designate how this energy is credited and used.

Distributed Energy Resources

This option is for cooperative members interested in owning renewable energy or generation system options for their homes, businesses, or farming operations. These systems are interconnected within CCEC’s system and provide the member with power from renewable energy sources.



Paperless billing allows you to receive and pay your energy bill online without using paper. Save the environment and money! Members who sign up for paperless billing will receive a one-time, $10 credit on their next bill.

Levelized Budget Billing

Levelized Budget Billing is a free program offered to CCEC members designed to lessen the impact of higher seasonal electric bills. This program uses software that takes a rolling average of your electrical bill from month to month to create a payment that stays relatively consistent each month, regardless of how much energy you use.

Cass County Electric Mobile App

Download the Cass County Electric mobile app to manage your account from the palm of your hand! Enjoy 24-hour access to your account(s), manage bill pay options, receive monthly bill notifications, and more!

Online Account Management Tools

Cass County Electric’s online account platform puts the analysis of your account at your fingertips. You can pay your bill, view electricity usage, make a payment, view outage status, report an issue, manage account settings, and more. All you need is your account number to sign up today!

Business and Commercial

These accounts have access to two dedicated and experienced account reps. As your trusted energy advisor, we offer rate analysis and forecasting, energy and lighting audits, grant and loan assistance, and more.

Rural Development

CCEC has a history of supporting the small towns and rural areas of its territory and strives to have a collaborative relationship to utilize the strengths and expertise of all entities involved in projects.



CCEC’s platform allows you to pay your bill, monitor your account, and more! Use your account number to sign up at


When you sign up for Autopay, CCEC will automatically draft your checking account or credit card for the amount of your monthly bill. Avoid late payments and receive a one-time $10 bill credit when you sign up!


This payment option allows you to pay as you go with your PrePay account. Usage is calculated daily and puts you in control of when you pay for electricity. Avoid late payments, enjoy payment flexibility, and monitor your daily usage online and on the go with the Cass County Electric mobile app.

Drop Boxes

A payment drop box is located at the Member Services building in the parking lot roundabout and in the entryway. Be sure to include your account number, name, and address and drop at 4100 32nd Ave S, Fargo, N.D. 58104.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

To make a payment 24 hours a day with a debit or credit card (Mastercard, Discover, or Visa) or by entering your checking or savings account information, call 701-356-4400 to use our IVR system.


Mail checks or money orders payable to Cass County Electric Cooperative using the return envelope and remittance included with your monthly bill statement.


Call 701-356-4400 to pay your bill using a checking account or credit card by talking with a local member service specialist during our business hours: Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

In Person

Payments can be made in person at our Member Services building, Monday–Friday, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.


Outage Viewer

Our live outage viewer is a tool to check the status of outages and view a summary of the outage information. The outage viewer is available on our mobile app or online at

Outage Information

Our goal is to keep our outage frequency and duration to a minimum while prioritizing the safety of our line crews. If you are experiencing an outage, report it using the Cass County Electric mobile app or by calling 701-356-4400. If we are unable to answer your call, our IVR system uses the phone number you are calling from to report the outage.

Text Notifications

We will send you text and email notifications for planned and unplanned outages. This is why it is vital to keep an updated email address and mobile number on file.


Community Events

CCEC is involved in and sponsors numerous community events throughout the year. Local parades, art events, farmers markets, and concerts are just a handful of the events that CCEC participates in and sponsors. You can see a calendar of events by clicking the link above.

Member Events

Attending member events is essential to being an active cooperative member. These events help you stay updated on cooperative news, vote in co-op elections, and visit with friends! More information on member events can be found in Highline Notes and our social media pages.

Energy Tour

Every summer, CCEC offers our members a power plant and mine tour. The tour provides an overview of power supply, a presentation and tour at the Milton R. Young Station, and a tour of the adjacent BNI coal mine. This tour is a great way to learn more about the industry and the work of providing electricity.

Co-op Connections

This discount program is a free benefits program for CCEC members. Co-op Connections provides a variety of discounts for both local and national businesses. Download the Co-op Connections app or visit to start saving today.

Advocacy and Economic Development

The purpose of a cooperative is to realize the economic, cultural, and social needs of its members and community. CCEC has a strong commitment to our communities and a focus on strengthening those in which we exist in and serve. As such, we are active participants in numerous chambers of commerce, rural and economic development organizations, and other boards and committees.


Capital Credits

At the beginning of every year, any excess revenues, or margins, from the previous year are allocated to our members and later paid out in the form of capital credits. As a member/owner, this means you benefit from any margins produced by the cooperative. Your account will accumulate capital credits each year you are an active member with us. View the insert to learn more.

Board of Directors

The members of the CCEC board of directors serve as liaisons between fellow members and the co-op executive staff, providing guidance and oversight on co-op operations. There are nine directors on the board, one representing each of the eight districts in our service territory, with district nine being an at-large position. CCEC members can run for the co-op board, and elections are held at our annual meeting.

Cooperative Structure

CCEC is an electric cooperative built by the communities we serve to deliver reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy. We are owned by our members rather than out-of-town shareholders, which means we are always looking for ways to make a difference in the communities we serve beyond delivering electricity. As a cooperative, we operate as a not-for-profit.

Cooperative Business Model

As a cooperative, we are owned by the members we serve; our board members live right here in our local area and are elected by co-op members. Because we are owned by our members, any excess revenue is shared back with our members over time. We follow the same seven cooperative principles that all cooperative businesses follow, which means we are always looking to develop new technologies and build infrastructure that benefits us all.


My Co-op Cares

One of CCEC’s core values is Commitment to Community. We would love to collaborate with your community or nonprofit projects by sending cooperative employees to work on a community project. Click the link above for more information.

Rural Development Finance Corporation (RDFC) Grant

As an RDFC member, CCEC has access to three, $1,000 grants available to eligible organizations within our service territory. Eligible projects are community-based projects that will benefit rural areas within our service territory.

Donation Program

Cass County Electric Cooperative is committed to our members, our employees, and our communities, and we strive to play an active and meaningful role in said communities. We do this through donations to local organizations in our service territory. To request a donation, click the link above.

Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up is a simple, low-cost way CCEC members can give back to the community. Members’ electric bills are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and a volunteer board meets quarterly to distribute the funds. These funds are never used for political purposes or utility bills and are used primarily within our service territory for charitable, educational, environmental, and emergency assistance purposes. Members can opt out at any time.


Electric Vehicle Charging Program

Electric vehicles (EV) represent a growing segment of both the transportation and energy industries. Publicly available EV chargers have been installed around the F-M metro area. Also, Cass County Electric Cooperative now offers members a special rate and a one-time rebate for in-home EV charging. You’ll charge your electric vehicle at home almost every day. Why not pay less every time you plug in? Contact our energy management team to learn more.

Electric Heating Program

When electric demand and market electricity prices are high, an off-peak device in the home automatically switches from an electric heat source to a backup source, such as propane or fuel oil. In exchange, participating members receive discounted off-peak electric rates. Our off-peak program is designed to reduce electric demand during peak times, saving you and the cooperative money.

Electric Water Heating Program

Next to heating and cooling your home, water heating is the largest user of energy. If you are looking for ways to save money, we may be able to help through our off-peak program. We offer a reduced rate in exchange for the ability to interrupt water heaters.

Rebate Incentives

Numerous rebates are available from CCEC for various heating, water heating, and electric vehicle equipment. Click the link above to learn more.

Time-of-Day Rate (pilot)

During “peak” hours when lots of people are using electricity, the cost for CCEC to provide power is higher. CCEC is currently working with a group of members on testing a Time-of-Day rate pilot project. Participating members receive on-peak and off-peak pricing for energy consumed during different hours of the day.



CCEC contributes $1,000 scholarships to a student at each high school within our service territory each year. Awarding these scholarships is decided by each school’s scholarship fund or the Dollars for Scholars chapter. CCEC is not involved with awarding scholarships.

University and Trade School Support

In addition to scholarships for high school students, CCEC provides one $2,000 scholarship through Bismarck State College for students enrolled in the electrical lineworker program

Youth Tour

CCEC sends two high school students on an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C., to learn about the history of cooperatives, visit with the congressional delegation, and become more knowledgeable about the cooperative business model. Students are selected through an essay contest.

Careers in Energy

Rural electric cooperatives have career opportunities for everyone. We offer firsthand experience on what co-op job might spark your interest. Email our HR team here.

Safety Demonstrations & School Presentations

Cass County Electric is dedicated to improving the lives of our membership—even the ones that aren’t members right now. We would love to visit with your school or group about all things energy related! Click the link above to fill out a presentation inquiry form.

Kid Zone

CCEC is dedicated to ensuring our youth are knowledgeable about electricity. Visit our webpage dedicated to children for many resources and activities designed to teach kids about electrical safety and conservation.


Highline Notes

Highline Notes is our monthly magazine that features industry news, safety info, energy-saving tips, and more! All members automatically receive this publication around the first of each month.

North Dakota Living

North Dakota Living magazine features stories from around the state as well as cooperative news. CCEC contributes the center eight pages to the magazine, and members receive it six times per year.

Safety Blog

Safety and education are two core principles that electric cooperatives are built upon. It is crucial for us to keep our members safe and educated on industry topics that can impact the homes and businesses of our members. Click the link above to learn more.

Conservation Blog

As a cooperative, we are owned by the members we serve. Because of this, we promote saving energy to help our members save money! Click the link above for countless articles with energy-saving tips.

Social Media

We value our connection to the members we serve. Follow us on social media to be in the know about the latest energy-saving tips, community outreach efforts, power outages, cooperative news, promotions, and more! Follow us on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (Twitter)!

Monthly Conservation Email

Since we strive to help our members save money on their energy bills, members that are enrolled in an online account receive a once-monthly email with energy tips and quick links.


We greatly value our connection to the members we serve. Follow us on social media to stay in-the-know on the latest energy-saving tips, community outreach efforts, power outages, cooperative news, promotions, and more!

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