Safe Electricity

Electricity is an important part of our lives—from lights to cell phones to gaming and so much more! Explore how this form of energy works, how to be safe around it, and how we can be green in our use of it.

It’s never too early to spark an interest in electrical safety! Keep children safe by sharing these tips.

  • Only plugs go into electrical outlets.

  • Never put your fingers or anything else into an electrical outlet.

  • Never pull out a plug by its cord.

  • Keep electricity and water far apart.

  • Don’t touch light switches or electric appliances when wet!

  • Don’t use or plug in electrical devices near a bathtub, sink, or pool.

  • Never charge your phone under your pillow while you sleep.

  • Don’t swim or play outside during a thunderstorm.

  • Never put anything in your toaster besides bread.

  • If you see broken cords or plugs, ask an adult to have them fixed.

  • Never play near power lines or electrical equipment.

  • Don’t fly kites by power lines.

  • Don’t climb trees near power lines, either — you could get shocked!

  • Never touch or play on the big green box in your yard, pay attention to the danger signs.

  • Don’t climb the fence around an electrical substation.

  • If you see a fallen electrical wire, stay away from it. Have an adult call the power company to report the downed wire or call 911

This content could be considered graphic to some audiences. Please know it was made for educational purposes.