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Smart Sump Pump Monitoring Tools

Ready or not flood season is here. Most homeowners know the importance of having a sump pump, especially in the Red River Valley – to protect your basement from flooding. During the spring melt, officials are kindly reminding residents of the importance of returning their pumping outdoors to relieve stress on the sanitary system.

Water damage in your home can be one of the most frustrating and potentially costly situations that you can face as a homeowner. Luckily, the world of smart gadgets includes a selection of tools to help prevent such a situation from occurring.

The Samsung water sensor is compact and without glamor. It looks like a small block with two metal leads protruding from its bottom. In addition to providing wet/dry readings, the sensor also submits temperature data.

The primary and perhaps most important capability of the water sensor paired with the SmartThings hub is notifications. Through SmartThings, you can elect to receive text and/or push notifications when the water sensor detects water. Secure the sensor above the level of the float switch in your sump pump well and you’re prepared to receive mobile notice of any issue with your pump, potentially preventing a flooded basement. The sensor can be placed anywhere else for a similar effect–beneath sinks, next to troublesome clothes washers, or anywhere you’re concerned about water leakage.

Of course, with SmartThings, you can take your notifications even further by setting alarms to trigger or lights to turn on or change color (such as with the Philips Hue colored bulbs) to keep you in the know when you’ve got moisture where it shouldn’t be.

Other Smart Sump Pump Monitors

Houses come in all shapes and sizes, which means no one sump pump monitor fits all. We provided some resources to help you find the alarm or monitor that will fit the needs of your home.


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