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A truck for the North

Electric vehicles (EV) represent a growing segment of both the transportation and energy industries. Publicly available EV chargers are beginning to pop up around the F-M metro area. As such, Cass County Electric is committed to learning more about this emerging technology, so we’re putting it to the test. We’re hitting the road with an all-electric 2022 Ford Lightning, logging our experiences, and offering charging options to EV drivers who are plugging in and leading the charge. You’ll charge your electric vehicle at home almost every day. Why not pay less every time you plug in?

The basic range for the Lightning is 230 miles, and the extended-range battery will boost you to 300 miles. That’s more than enough to tackle your daily tasks before plugging in at night.

The Lightning is lightning fast with 563 horsepower and 775 lb-ft of nearly instant torque. Here’s a reason to upgrade to the extended-range battery – its 0-60 mph time is in the mid-4-second range.

The Lightning targets a maximum of 2,000 pounds of payload, but drivers can see up to 10,000 pounds of towing capacity with the extended-range battery and Trailer Tow Package.

The starting price for an F-150 Lightning is $39,974. Models that add more comfort and range features start at $52,974. With charging incentives and rate options from Cass County Electric Cooperative, you can continue to save money while you’re ‘filling your tank.’

Backup Power
Ford Intelligent Backup Power turns the truck into a power source that can deliver 9.6 kilowatts. Plug in and keep your lights, appliances, and security system running for up to three days.

Charger incentives and rate options

Off-peak rate option

Off-peak rate $.056/kWh:

The best option if you want to save money and there are other off-peak loads in the home.

Must be controlled on off-peak and sub-metered. Additional $5/meter charge

Charger requirements:
Level 2 charger must be rated at 240 volts and on a dedicated 240-volt circut

Charging times:
October - May; noon to 5 PM and 11 PM to 7 AM
June- - September: midnight to 10 AM

Charger incentive:
$50/kW ($500 max per charger) upon inspection Cass County Electric Cooperative provides the ripple control 

Straight rate option

Straight rate $0.089/kWh:
The best option for those that want to charge any time they want

Charger requirements:

Charging times:
Charge whenever it is convenient


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