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EV Mythbusters

Let's bust some common EV myths!
Learn more about North Dakota's longest-serving nonprofit, Fraser, Ltd.

Welcome Anne!

Meet Anne Kesler, communications intern for CCEC!
These refrigerator pickle cucumbers are a perfect way to use fresh cucumbers from the garden!

Your safety matters and is extremely important to the cooperative. We work daily to keep members and the community safe from electrical hazards. Look through our library to find multiple ways you and your family can stay safe around electricity. Articles from downed power lines, call before you dig, winter storm safety, and more!

We all have the power to manage energy costs and become more energy efficient. Everything you do – from flipping a switch to upgrading your lighting – can add up to big savings for you. By practicing some of the following energy conservation techniques, you can lower your monthly bill. Start your savings today! Do a little. Save a lot.

We strive to provide high-quality service to our business members of all sizes. We believe that connecting with you is crucial to ensuring that all your energy needs are being met. We are here as your trusted energy advisor and offer several programs and services to our business members. We encourage you to contact us with questions.

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