As a cooperative, we are owned by the members we serve, and unlike investor-owned utility companies, we promote saving energy to help our members save money!

Here are the three most common energy-wasting mistakes, according to home energy experts. Do they so...

Small device = BIG savings

Learn how you can save money with our off-peak program!
Some smart devices for your home can save you money. Others are just for pure convenience. Do you ne...
Smart homes may be cool and convenient, but do they reduce your energy use?
Air source heat pumps can provide highly efficient comfort for your home all year long.
Here's how to reset your energy lifestyle so you can live more sustainably and efficiently.

Save with off-peak heating

Stay comfortable and cozy with safe, energy efficient electric heating systems.
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Celebrate the holidays with lower energy bills using these 12 cost-saving tips.
Enjoy a happy holiday season and lower energy bills with these simple cost-saving cooking tips.

Holiday joy with LEDs

A dazzling display featuring LEDs can make your holidays more joyful, and save energy.
Off-peak electric heating can help you avoid high natural gas and propane prices this winter.

Are you ready for winter?

Are you ready for winter? Prepare with off-peak heating.
CCEC members should prepare for increased demand response hours this season

Curse of the energy vampires

These diabolical devices draw power night and day! Can you stop the drain on your energy budget?

Have a green Halloween

Make this Halloween a little less frightful for the environment with homemade costumes and organic t...
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Smart plugs can save you time and money this holiday season.
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Home energy online toolkit

These free online tools and resources can help answer your home energy questions.