Safety and education are two core principles that electric cooperatives are built upon. With that, it is also important for us to keep our members safe and educated on industry topics that can impact homes and businesses.

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10 tips for a safe Halloween

Follow these tips to make sure this year's festivities are fun and safe for everyone.

Winter cooking safety

Make sure your cooking adventures are safe with these tips.

Generator safety

Learn how to use a generator properly with the tips provided in this infographic.

Secure your smart home

Smart devices can make your life a lot easier, but are you making sure they're secure?

Harvest safety

Harvest is one of the busiest times of the year in our region, but no one is ever too busy to be rem...
Every day, millions of Americans are targeted by scammers through phone calls, emails, text messages...
Is your power out but your neighbor's isn't? Here are three possible reasons why.
Learn how to keep your food cold during an outage and how long refrigerated food stays safe to eat.
Unexpected power outages can be frustrating and confusing. Here's what to do when the power goes out...
When an outage hits, learn what we do behind the scenes to restore power quickly and safely.
Electrical safety brochure for first responders. Download and print to use as a handout.
Agriculture electrical safety guidelines. Download and print to use as a handout.
Electrical safety brochure for contractors. Download and print to use as a handout.
General electrical safety brochure. Download and print to use as a handout.

Summer storm safety

Think summer storms are harmless? Think again.
May is National Electrical Safety Month. Is your workplace safe from electrical accidents?

Surge protection 101

Let’s look at common causes of power surges and how you can protect your sensitive electronics.
Whether it’s fun around home, at a nearby park, or other gathering place, be alert for potential ele...

Let the digging begin!

Power outages caused by damage to underground cables increase in the spring and summer. Call 8-1-1 b...
When local teen Mary Gehrig encountered a downed power line, CCEC teams worked to make sure everyone...